Reasons Property Managers and Eviction Services Are Worth the Investment for Landlords

Reasons Property Managers and Eviction Services Are Worth the Investment for Landlords

Charlotte saw over 10,000 eviction filings from January to October of 2023.

Dealing with evictions is one of the biggest sources of landlord stress. You never want to become part of these types of statistics, but often you're left with no other choice. If you've got a tenant who is tormenting you, getting professional help from a property manager is a great use of your resources.

Today, we'll look at some of the reasons why hiring a property manager and eviction services is a great idea. Keep reading and you'll see that it's worth investing in protecting your rental property.

They Understand the Laws

Perhaps the most obvious reason to hire property management to handle evictions is that they understand the laws. Eviction laws differ by state, so if you own property in Charlotte but live elsewhere, you may not understand eviction laws in North Carolina.

Your property manager will. For an eviction to be successful, it must be lawful. Failing to follow the laws can result in penalties, or worse, a failed eviction attempt.

Property managers have a deep knowledge of local landlord-tenant laws. They also have contacts in the legal world to ensure everything is done above board.

Keeping Stress Levels Down

As mentioned, evictions are a massive source of landlord stress. There's the stress of having a delinquent tenant damaging your investment property. There's also the stress of going through an eviction, which is a very contentious process.

A property manager will keep you out of the entire process. They'll handle every aspect of the eviction on your behalf. You just sit back, wait for the process to play out, and take back your property when the bad tenant is forced out.

Protect Your Rental Investment

Most landlords are small-time property investors who just want a bit of passive income. When you have a poor tenant, your property is at risk for a variety of reasons.

On a base level, you might have a tenant actively damaging your property, which is costly. On a deeper level, however, you'll be staring down the barrel at rental vacancies, which means you don't get the passive income mentioned above. When properties are vacant, money comes out of your pocket.

You need the eviction process to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. A property manager has experience with evictions and knows how to do them as efficiently as possible.

Find Better Tenants

Once the eviction is complete, you get a blank slate. It's important to fill the vacant unit quickly so you don't lose too much money, but you need to make sure you don't end up with another bad tenant.

Tenant screening will take care of this for you. A property manager can market your property, take applicants, and screen them using background, credit, and reference checks. A thorough tenant screening process all but guarantees you have better tenants moving forward.

Get Help With Evictions

No landlord wants to deal with evictions, and with property management, you don't have to. These are just a few of the reasons you should consider hiring property management and eviction services, but there are plenty more as well.

PMI Charlotte is part of one of the largest property management services in the country. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with evictions.